Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bumblebees and Reviews....

Hey all,

Bumblebee House Ink - received the first testimonial for the site. I appreciate all the great reviews from readers on Amazon and elsewhere. This review really hit the heart of the intent of the novel and so fun to read (a very good writer).

Bumble bee House Ink is a copywriting site (and future publishing house...if all goes right. Stay tuned.)


Read Land Run! Here author Mark Graham took me somewhere I did not know I wanted to go and introduced me to a town of people with whom I was taken aback to find so intriguing. Through Land Run I felt the town. I grasped the people-- I mean truly got them. That is because Graham not only let me inside of their heads but drew me to their hearts, their motives. And that made me root for some I might have disdained otherwise. You read Land Run with an anticipation of the "rising above" moments. Those moments are there, mixed with the grief , the aches, the injustices and the glimpses of fulfillment. Shady business dealings and an offbeat old man lure you to the story because Graham makes it all real and sometimes raw. Such is great fiction, and this is why Land Run works.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Shack....Before

I finally got around to emptying this old shack behind our house. The original structure is about 200 years old. It  sat on the property of our neighbor who has the 1803 plantation house. When I think about it - at one time just about everything as far as you could see sat on their property ;-)

The last owner was in our house for 50 years (the house is 1936). He used this shack to reload shotgun shells and collect whiskey bottles stored in the cabinet.

Anyhow, this is the future 'writing cottage'. I'll update some posts as the work on it progresses. Have a photo of the cleaning crew below...amazing what some people will do for a milkshake. :-)

Have a great day and please check back for updates.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A quick thanks to the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library System and Tulsa City-County Library System!

LAND RUN is now on the shelves - please come by these links and check it out...literally! :-)

Have a great day!

OKC Libraries

TULSA Libraries

Friday, April 13, 2012

This Is Life......

Thanks everyone for your interest in Land Run. The novel seems to be really catching on out there!

I want to update for fans of Land Run that the next novel is completed! Fully edited and all that. Man, it was fun to write.

Right now I am shopping it around to literary agents. I will update when it lands somewhere. :-)

The new novel title is 'This Is Life' (formally it was called Borderland).

You can get a peek at the novel on this blog link above - 'Fun Short Story'. It is basically Chapter Two of the novel This Is Life.

Next update will be more than just a news-flash...promise. :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art After Hours - FUN and DISCOUNTS!

I want to invite everone out to vist me at this (terrific) bookstore Friday.

The city of Wake Forest is hosting - Wake Forest Art After Hours.

I will be there from 6:00 - 8:00 with copies of Land Run. I think all my children will make it there as well.Something I think the owner, Drew, did not consider when he invited me out. ;-)

Hope to see you there!

Featured Event: Grand Opening Celebration

The Storyteller's Book Store

Wake Forest's Independent Book Store

The Storyteller's Book Store is Wake Forest's premier independent book store supporting local authors, hosting author readings and writing workshops, and partnering with other art and literary organizations!

158 S. White Street, Wake Forest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Come, celebrate and visit us in our new location!! The Storyteller's Book Store is excited to invite you to our grand opening event during Wake Forest Art After Hours. 20% discount all books. Raffles and refreshments. Meet the staff of the store and Storyteller's Partner's including Threads of Grace. For more information, call 919-554- 9146.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perspectives and Expectations....

A couple days ago I was walking the dog with my 12 year old daughter. The dog is a very large puppy - just 9 months old. He is full of energy and the fastest of his all the hound breed - Redbone Coonhound. But again, just a pup. 

So I told my daughter, "Okay, let's just see what he can do!"

I am pretty fast, as older men go. So I took the leash and sprinted full out. I was flying (knowing full well I would pay for it later). But it was worth it to complete the experiment.

At the top of my speed I looked down to the dog - to check out his top-speed form.

Um,...he was trotting, a medium trot,....looking about at this and that. As if out for a stroll. :-)

Oh well. We got a laugh out of it.

What was I thinking?!  Wait...this might be an analogy for other times in some way...maybe.

BTW - I am editing the next novel. Please click above at an excerpt of it (chapter two - turned into a stand-alone short story).

Have a great day!