Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventure in Writing

I am on a short respite from book-signing events.  But should have a new schedule soon.  But in this time is offering an ability to some specific reflection on since Land Run was released in May.  I have seen some interesting things occur.  Just want to put out a note to share some of them.

ALL book reviews were great (Thanks!)

ALL Book-signings fun (Thanks!)

Main libraries in Oklahoma City and Tulsa reviewing Land Run for inclusion in their catalouges.

Book Clubs choosing Land Run for discussion (I get to join one via telephone in October!)

Googling Land Run has introduced me to a 'Land Run Brewery' and 'Land Run Winery' business

I am nearly finished with the first draft narrative of the next novel (pretty wild stuff in it ;-)

Folks in India are reading Land Run - and loved it.  Would really like to know if other people outside the States have checked it out yet.

I have learned more than I set out usual :-)

Publisher worked out kinks with Amazon on the KINDLE and has an ETA of 6-7 weeks.  (NOOK still always available though)

Will have an update to new schedule soon.  Have a great day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hey everyone!  I received word from my publisher that LAND RUN will be on Kindle in 6 to 7 weeks (finally)!  So when people ask you can give them an ETA.  The novel available on NOOK if they have one of those.  And of course the paperback is at AMAZON and where ever books are sold.  Personally, I like a book in the hand since I stare at a computer screen so much.

Thanks to the folks at the Coffeehound Bookshop and Its-A-Grind Coffeehouse in Raleigh.  Had a lot of fun at both events.  I got an invite to return to Its-A-Grind.  May be since I had the whole clan with me and kept the hot chocolate coming. :-)

Also making progress on next novel set in Ukraine.  A friend from Kiev sent me this.  Now the new novel is a thriller but with depth of character and landscape as you found in Land Run.  There is some humor as with Land Run.  But maybe not this funny.  A friend from Kiev shared this with me today (link below).  Enjoy!  And have a great weekend!

Click Below:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BEST COFFEE EVER - And a Good Read to Boot

LAND RUN Book Signing Event

You are invited to attend a book signing for author

Mark Graham

September 17 – Saturday 12:00-3:00
It’s A Grind
5001 Falls of Neuse Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 239-4612

Please join Mark for this special event

and invite a friend!

If you already have a copy of LAND RUN

buy one for a friend – this book makes a great gift!

We hope to see you there!

For more information, please email author Mark at


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lifeway Live

Just heard about this and wanted to update.  A lot of people I know really like to purchase their books from the Lifeway bookstore.  Well, they now have stocked LAND RUN!  It looks like the same price as Amazon...worth every penny by the way ;-)

If a Lifeway fan click below.  Have a great day!


On Writing Stuff

Somehow things have just opened up in the first draft of the new novel.  You never know where you are in the process of completing a narrative - not really.  But I estimate it is 2/3 complete.  And a whole lot of fun to write.  The creative part is really just enjoyable work and problem-solving.  And the draft of writing is a mixed bag of good and bad.  But to keep moving ahead, in this phase, is always good.

The real 'fun' part is coming back to it from a readers perspective - because that is who I am writing to.  And man, as with Land Run, I believe you guys are going to have some fun! :-)  Also, with some twists and turns, depth, drama, and humor.  While the 'culture-clash' in Land Run plays out in a current-day local community - the next novel is international in scope.  And if you enjoyed the use of history to inform the story of Land Run - well, there is some of that in the next novel as relates to the Cold War.

BTW - if anyone has questions about Land Run or anything really please feel free to post in the comment section.

Just a quick reminder if anyone is available - I will be at the Tar River Festival this weekend.  The town park will have all kinds of events for the whole family.  And the shops spill out into Main Street.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 12:00- 3:00

Coffee Hound Bookshop
103 W. Nash St.
Louisburg, NC 27549
(919) 496-6030

Monday, September 5, 2011

Waiting for Tom to come home....

Happy Labor Day!

You ever do something cool you just had to tell folks about?  Yeah - I had one of those.  This weekend we got away for the weekend to a very (very) remote cabin way up on a mountain in Bat Cave, NC.  Near Black Mountain...near Ashville, NC.  So we took one day to walk around Ashville and to see the home and neighborhood where Thomas Wolfe grew up.  I think he was an incredibly descriptive writer.  And he was never uninterested in the human condition, the deeper parts of the mind of people.

It was so interesting to find out little facts from the experts there.  In reference to his novel 'You Can't Go Home Again' - I have to title the photo below - 'Waiting for Tom to come home....still waiting..." ;-)

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

Happy September!  Just a note about a book-signing event that is coming up soon.  This is in my hometown.  Well, my hometown is in Oklahoma - but it is the place where I live (and really enjoy living).  This event reminded me of an article I wrote for Orion Magazine some time ago.  I remember it was a great exercise because it was limited to 300 words.  I think I actually did exactly 300 words.  Not sure what that means...but does not sound normal as I write here about it.   ;-)

Please take a moment and click on the below links to the COFFEE HOUND BOOKSHOP to check out the location - this is a really cool old town.  Also the link to the ORION MAGAZINE article that gives a bit of the feel of where I live.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 12:00- 3:00

Coffee Hound Bookshop 

103 W. Nash St.
Louisburg, NC 27549
(919) 496-6030


Thanks.  I hope to see some of you folks out there.  Oh, and it is also the day our town celebrates the TAR RIVER FESTIVAL!  I will add more on that next week as I find out about other events to come out for that day - and of course, swing by the store for a signed copy of Land Run.  As a favorite radio host of mine says (Steve Brown), "it won't be the same without you!"

Have a great holiday weekend!