Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bumblebees and Reviews....

Hey all,

Bumblebee House Ink - received the first testimonial for the site. I appreciate all the great reviews from readers on Amazon and elsewhere. This review really hit the heart of the intent of the novel and so fun to read (a very good writer).

Bumble bee House Ink is a copywriting site (and future publishing house...if all goes right. Stay tuned.)


Read Land Run! Here author Mark Graham took me somewhere I did not know I wanted to go and introduced me to a town of people with whom I was taken aback to find so intriguing. Through Land Run I felt the town. I grasped the people-- I mean truly got them. That is because Graham not only let me inside of their heads but drew me to their hearts, their motives. And that made me root for some I might have disdained otherwise. You read Land Run with an anticipation of the "rising above" moments. Those moments are there, mixed with the grief , the aches, the injustices and the glimpses of fulfillment. Shady business dealings and an offbeat old man lure you to the story because Graham makes it all real and sometimes raw. Such is great fiction, and this is why Land Run works.