Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hey Folks!

This business stuff is taking a little longer than I anticipated. But I honestly expect that the new novel  UNSEEN and the new re-release of LAND RUN is just 2 weeks from now.

I have the copyrights and ISBN, etc. completed and just some site construction and business type stuff left for BUMBLEBEE HOUSE INK.

The vision for the future is to assist new writers and produce more (great read ;-) eBook novels (unhindered by ANY restrictions of formula requirements and such that is sometimes common to the general publishing industry).

Pass the creative quality on to you! :-)

Anyhow, please stay tuned in.


Bumblebee House Ink

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


All Good Things must come to an end...but this is not one of them ;-)

Thank you everyone who downloaded the free novel Land Run. I hope you enjoyed the story. The free version period is ending (but there will be promotions in the future)

LAND RUN will soon (very soon) be re-released via a new Publisher - Bumblebee House Ink

The new novel - UNSEEN - will be released at the same time!

Both novels will be available everywhere and at a VERY good price.

Intial release will be eBook formats. (EPUB and MOBI for Kindle).

Please note that if you ever have any problems with the file or need a different format - just email Bumblebee House Ink and the team will be right on it.

Thanks again. And please continue to check back. Bumblebee House Ink (BBH) is in its final phase of requirements before the release of the two novels.

Have a great day!