Monday, May 27, 2013

Making Friends

A laid back day in the USA on Memorial Day. Hope you all are enjoying your day as well.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hey Readers!

Just a quick status note. Thank you for checking out UNSEEN on Amazon. And both Bumblebee House Ink offerings.

New websites for UNSEEN and BHI are under contruction. Exciting times!

If you get a chance - please pop a review up on Amazon.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Take a moment to remember them - they are why we can do all this stuff we do. And if you have ever lived anywhere else - you know exactly what I am talking about ;-) Enjoy and appreciate our freedoms.

AMAZON BHI OFFERINGS (click this link)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OKAY - An Update I Have Waited a LONG Tine to Post!

Bumblebee House Ink is 'in process' of new web design. Stay tuned.

Also - BHI has these two first novels available at a GREAT price (something that can be done now that the contract is ended with the last publisher....just saying ;-)

If you are in Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe I really think you will enjoy this new novel - UNSEEN. Purchase on KOBO. Just search MARK GRAHAM (Land Run has a new cover).

If America - I still recommend KOBO to support your local bookstores but AMAZON is a great place for the Kindle. Or SMASHWORDS for any other format - epub, etc.

fyi - can click on above underlined links for your preference. (Also, more interesting and normal posts will appear soon.)

Have a great day, Readers!