Saturday, July 23, 2011


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On another note ;-)

I was struck this week by how much nature can inform our lives.  For me this isn't very often.  I tend towards ideas, people, and buildings (their art and history).  But once in awhile I take notice (I have to think that some force outside of me makes this happen - because I am pretty obstinate.) 

Anyhow, we were given a very sickly little Marigold plant last year.  We planted it but there was just no hope for it.  It was free so not too great a loss.  But apparently this spring a seed remained.  It grew into what you see below.  This incredible bush like I have never seen before - not for this kind of little plant.  So I asked my daughter to sit beside it to give the size some perspective.  After I took the photo - I looked at the camera display...I saw my daughter sitting next to this incredible plant.

Now we fought for 3.5 years to get her free from a Ukrainian orphanage two years ago.  12 years of institutional living there has presented some challenges - and coming to a new and different language, culture, and into a family.  But like this plant...she is who you see here.  Beautiful, growing and blossoming in so many amazing ways.  There they were...two of a kind.

Good soil, water, and sun help any plant.  But for these results, defying explanation, coming from such a difficult beginning - there has to have been extra care coming from somewhere, you know.  Just saying. :-)

Have a great weekend!