Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unshackled Creativity...

Today I read a good quote from Mark Twain.  - "A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."

You ever get a sense of this?  Man, I have. And when you promote the idea around you can get so much affirmation and encouragement and discouragement from the widest circles in your life. Then when you start to execute the idea that circle begins to tighten. Eventually it can become so tight you can reach the extent of its radius with your outstretched arm. ;-)

If you succeed - your satisfaction can pour over the earliest and widest circles. I think that is called...revenge? (kidding:-) But this concept is poured out in Land Run.

But what is interesting to me is that the circles are created by the one with the idea. The desire for man's approval comes from the one who has the idea. He has put himself in bondage to the 'good opinion' of man. And draws abuse to himself like a lightening rod. He tethers himself to an others opinion of him and his actions. But if he gains the approval he desires...it is still slavery.

I know some folks who hold their cards close to them. They can do this for fear of a lack of approval they desire. The fear of being called a crank. They hold out for the successful results. This too is bondage, self-inflicted slavery.

Say what you want to whom you want and when you want to. Or say nothing at all. But don't desire the approval of man. There is freedom available in this. And much needed clarity of thought and purpose in whatever your idea and resulting project might be.

The second novel, Borderland, is at the editor (no publisher or editor as yet) - and I am working through the ideas of my 3rd novel project. A happy crank having a good time. :-)

This one is going to require even more research for me and maybe more time. But I expect I will be talking a little bit about it in the coming months. The motive being to share...like pulling out my wallet to show you a picture of my 2-year old. I hope folks enjoy it..but at some level, it just about me showing off my 2-year old. :-)

Anyhow... Land Run is available as eBook and Paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Lifeway -anywhere books are sold. :-)