Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OKAY - An Update I Have Waited a LONG Tine to Post!

Bumblebee House Ink is 'in process' of new web design. Stay tuned.

Also - BHI has these two first novels available at a GREAT price (something that can be done now that the contract is ended with the last publisher....just saying ;-)

If you are in Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe I really think you will enjoy this new novel - UNSEEN. Purchase on KOBO. Just search MARK GRAHAM (Land Run has a new cover).

If America - I still recommend KOBO to support your local bookstores but AMAZON is a great place for the Kindle. Or SMASHWORDS for any other format - epub, etc.

fyi - can click on above underlined links for your preference. (Also, more interesting and normal posts will appear soon.)

Have a great day, Readers!