Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Updated: FREE Copy of Unseen - Pass It On

The moment I've been waiting for:

If you have just a moment please 'pin' or 'like' these updates at Google+ here and/or Pinterest or Facebook, etc. - anywhere convenient to you.

Just email to bhistaff@bumblebeehouseink.com with how you would like the eBook sent to you - KINDLE or ePub.

That's it! That easy.

ALSO - feel free to share the eBook you receive with friends 

AND any Adoptive Families you think might benefit (they can be allowed to sell it to their supporters on their blogs)!

(this will be available for a while)

Thanks to all (future) participants and I hope you enjoy the story....a lot!

More information about the novel can be seen on Amazon, Kobo, and all those kind of places.