Friday, April 15, 2011

New Website!

It’s getting closer to the release date! May 10. The publisher has the website in place. Please come by and check it out.

In other news - I have joined a group of guys working on a new website for writing, art, and music. It is very new but bookmark it because I think it is going to get really interesting. :-)

Also, if folks out there have been reading the novel already - please shoot me some feedback in the comments sections here.

One interesting thing I have found lately is a desire to tell people about the ending of the novel. But of course I can not do that. It was such fun to write this story I could just give the whole story away if I am not careful. So when people ask me what it is about...I pause. The YouTube video trailer gives a good general idea about it...but then it is so much more. So I pause...and say, "It’s about a lot of things in the particular. Overall, it’s about God truly active in community." And to the question, "how can you write about that?" I don't know exactly...but I did it. ;-)