Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wisdom Revisited

I had another discussion with the publisher today.  They will be booking 'book events' for late April and well past the release date of May 10.  But Land Run is still available for early purchase.  I would give them away if I could just to get interested folks reading and the the word out before the release date.  But I am afraid that is not an option.  So if you would like to get a copy now - just click on the image below.

Now - for something completely different.  I was once (25 years ago...really?!) a crew member of a Coast Guard patrol boat.  One day my Chief told me, "Mark, there are only two rules. One, don't sweat the small stuff.  Two, everything is small stuff."

I literally thought nothing of it at the time.  I was 19 and mainly had just a couple very specific thoughts at any time...and a few meaning-of-life questions at other times.  Today I realized the old Vietnam Veteran was telling me that for a reason.  There was something, in his observations, that made him want to help me.  You know, I am still thinking about the application of that attitude. 

Today, personally, I have a greater context and cause to apply his rules.  Maybe his 'rules' sounded like 'one hand clapping' to me - so to speak.  Those rules still begged the question 'why?'  At least Jesus gave an answer to that question, "Because I am big, put your small stuff here with me."  (paraphrase, of course ;-)

In some places Land Run will have some interesting mentor-relationships for readers to follow.  Some older characters with wisdom they gift to the young.  Who will take it and run with it?  Who will not? 

I just realized that I still have some small stuff sitting around here now...sigh. ;-)

If you have some stories of wisdom passed to you please share them in comments.  I would love to hear about it.