Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One of Those Days...

Ever have one of those really good days?  I had one of those today.  Not the kind where everything went right and topped off by some quiet, space to read, and watching a great film with your loved one.  Not the kind where you are watching your child blow the candles out and then playing with her friends in the yard on a warm sunny day.

Instead - the kind that come in retrospection and introspection.  I once had a job where for 2 solid years I held a 70 hour work week - for 80 cents and hour.  They told me when/where to sleep, what to eat, what to wear.  Where I complained almost every day.  And they woke me up at weird hours to do some pretty crazy stuff.  Oh, and with instructions that if I ever left the job, I would go to jail.  Today, I keep a large photo of that Coast Guard patrol boat in my cubical at work.  To remind me of the best job I ever had.

Like that - today was the normal grind.  But somehow I was able to see what I had at the same time I had it.  You know what I mean?  Not the stuff...we know its just stuff, that will cost again to fix or replace.  Not the leisure...I had none of that.  But an awareness came to me anew of the intangible but certain eternal prize that is mine, faith and its rewards.  Being the owner of that...well, I could look to the obstructions, troubling factors and people with confidence.  What could someone that lucky do except to sincerely wish the same great wealth upon them?  So I asked my benefactor to hook them up.  You know, because the pressure is off.  I can more than afford to do it. 

Have a great day! :-)

Note:  Land Run is on backorder just about everywhere - but distribution will be to the rescue very soon.  So please don't let that stop you - go on and reserve your copy. :-)