Saturday, October 8, 2011

FREE Short Story - Pulled From New Novel

I won't take up too much time on this blog for my new novel. But it is currently in a pretty good state. It still has some stages to get through. First, my best (and best looking) editor will be reviewing it (see the dedication of Land Run for her name :-) Then I will have another copy-editor check it out and test my knowledge of basic grammar, etc.

Eventually I will have to spend some time to decide how to best shop it around. With Land Run, I have gone the route of a great literary agent which was very cool. But in the end I chose to go directly with a mainline publisher located where the novel's setting was, Oklahoma. That just seemed appropriate - and I am very glad that I did. :-)

For now, the title of the new novel is 'Borderland'. It is of the adventures of an American in Ukraine who stayed much longer than he ever intended to. One of the main characters, a taxi driver, is developed early in the novel, including a section of 8 pages that also works as a short story. I want to point you to the link at the top of this blog called 'Fun Short Story'. It is a straight section ripped from the novel Borderland but can stand alone as a short story. The short story has also been featured in Goodreads and Authorsden and in England at Lost In Fiction.

An interesting thing about Land Run is that in some ways the novel is experimental - there is no direct protagonist. I wanted to write the most realistic novel possible, where everyone at some level is an antagonist. I hope I succeeded. Let me know. :-)

Borderland, though very realistic, will have a very definite protagonist and antagonist. And it is infused with certain Russian and Ukrainian literary influences. That is, there are twists and turns and unexpected events - but the realism includes some very interesting supernatural and spiritual phenomenon. I believe readers will have a great time reading it. You know, whenever and however I manage to have it readers :-)

Please check out the Short Story and tell me what you think. Oh, the title of the short story is 'The Patriot'. But it is really just 8 pages ripped from the new novel.

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