Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hard or Easy...

I know it is not wise to speak in good company (and you all are) about religion or politics. But on one level the novel Land Run does seek to bring them together. Not to offend, but only to observe.

I have started to watch the news again (busy with new novel of the American in Ukraine - possible title is Borderland).

Wall Street protests and the Tea Party...agree and meet over the problem of Corporate Statism. That is, the deep ties between the corporations and government seems to have come to a head. First, the Tea Party has been upset over their retirement plans (for the most part). And the Wall Street protesters are very concerned about their working future (rightly so).

But what seems to be missing from both camps (to a high degree - but not completely, of course) is a concern and discussion of their common values. I would contend that would force a very real reversal of the state and direction of the country.

LAND RUN addresses this on the local level. The bank, government, and business work together to manipulate local opportunities for their shared gain (via eminent domain).

Personally, I believe we will all be okay in the end. That is, we can go hard or easy...but ultimately we will have to come back together on our shared values. That is something that corporations and governments cannot stand against. Example: child labor, women's right to vote, slavery, civil rights, etc.

These values always happen to be in line with the constitution and gets things back in line. Hard...or easy ;-)

Money and the desire of it are not values. And are likely not to be found or supported by the constitution. The Tea Party and Wall Street Occupy groups seem to have this as their focus. So that is just fighting the corruption of corporate-statism...with the same corruption. They need to come together over better and real freedom, privacy, responsible and accountable government and corporations, etc. Seriously, if the Tea Party knew what has happened to their food supply, land-use, and global job exports...and the Wall Street Occupy folks knew what really results from big government and their checks (see American Indian reservations).

Anyhow - back to writing novels... ;-)