Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I heard this from 4 of my 5 children a few days ago -. 4 days until Christmas!

I remember that excitement - don't you? It was great. I am determined to catch some of that from them. Recapture it.

You know - I have discussed my faith with so many over the years (as it comes up). And what is most stunning to me is the total logic of God coming as a baby. Growing up to become a man tempted in all ways like us. Blowing his nose, excusing himself to go to the restroom. Being tired, frustrated. That is the God of my faith. How cool is that? He gets me.

Then he offers his perfect life as payment for all my failures now and in the future. God came to reconcile their relationship.

Why logical - reasonable? Well, all (all) other religions and non-religions work from a premise of man somehow managing to reconcile some personal or system of efforts. That is a cool idea, too. And I would never want to derail anyone from their hopes and goals, no matter how lofty they are. But for me, I don't even know where my car keys are half the know? And I am pretty certain that I am not too different from the rest of the human race. Just saying - this faith is something to consider (realistically). If no other reason than it is so wildly different...and logical. And a pretty solid safe place to put your hope.

But whether in the Christian faith or out of it..enjoy the season, your family, friends, and faith. :-)

Merry Christmas!