Sunday, December 11, 2011


Land Run is many things (fun but serious, too). The novel covers many aspects of American culture. Land Run delves into a specific culture in a small community in Oklahoma - but with universal application. In our recent times we have seen some results of banks, government, and corporations working together to the benefit of themselves above those of the common man. Character Hint: Cort (bank), Rusty (business), Ted (government). ;-)

Land Run walks though this, our times. And points to the value system that has eroded over time. These values are the foundation of what used to drive every American community and the nation as a whole. The stabilizing factor.

In a sense, the novel is a call to a an awareness of this and to a return to the better values. This is to our good news - unlike Rome, we have something for which we can return to. A foundation (a faith).

America is so unique that most of the world can never know what we have experienced. Why? Simply put - the ingredients necessary ingredients are very specific.

1) Independence was fought against a power that resided across a vast ocean.
2) We killed the former land-owners
3) We had a large collection of white-haired policy-makers that sacrificed all for the notion of freedom and protection of the common man. They did this with the good of subsequent generations in mind (truly these men were freaks of nature)
4) We built the foundations of the nation upon the Bible. Human rights (Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness) were the focus of law. Rule of law was then secured.
5) The constitution was then understood by the populous as akin to the Bible. That is, like us, they may not have known the constitution but they knew it stood for what was 'right'. So as the the nation grew - the people could know to get their government in line (by their faith). Slaves should be free, women should vote, good education and opportunities should be available to all people (civil rights), etc.

This was never perfect - treatment of American Indians, Japanese Americans, etc.

The ingredients are what they are. And aspects of them are just unacceptable to most of the world. Or if some are acceptable, their enemy is unfortunately in their own capitol city an in charge of the military.

I have seen and experienced other cultures on the planet. All have a history of just the power of a few over many. The result is very ugly. (one place, Ukraine, is the setting of my second novel).

This just to say - take a moment to wonder at our incredible imperfect country. It is surely a miracle in all of human history. This is not 'jingoism' is just the truth.

Have a great weekend!