Saturday, March 5, 2011

On Reading

Thanks to all who have shared out information about Land Run.  I have already heard that many folks now have their early copy in hand and are reading.  I invite all to post any thoughts or comments - excited to get some feedback.  You can post anywhere and I'll find it. :-)

I am interested in the 'state' of American fiction.  There seems to be something for everyone - very American.  Sometimes writing can be strong on story or in eloquence, or both.  I hope readers will find both in Land Run.  And find some, "yes, I've never thought of it that way, but that's how it is." - Moments.

Personally, I came up on a literary diet that was a mix of sorts.  My early teen reading was mostly whatever my (much older) parents brought home from the library.  Later, through the teen and military years I mixed thrillers, classics (mostly 1920-1940), a mess of Louis L' amour, and whatever was new.  My time in the military was great for reading as TV was still something you scheduled to watch and usually missed whatever you scheduled.  Because life was more consuming. We had what was called a 'mid-watch'.  This was from midnight to 4:00 a.m..  My volunteering for this watch made me popular at any unit; read, make rounds, read, make rounds, etc. 

College was a matter of getting the textbook demands scheduled (a kind of auto-pilot mode) and then read whatever I wanted. While there I hit the classics again for a couple years.  And took interest in my Creative Writing courses.  I guess I was blessed to have this extended holding-pattern before entering the 'real life' phase.  I am still in that phase, I notice.  I am reading some contemporary international stuff nowadays.  It turns out that people outside of America write novels - good ones. :-)

What are your fiction leanings?  Who are your considered 'greats'?  I would like to know.