Saturday, May 28, 2011

Apologies and Comments

Well it was feeling kind of lonely out here in blogger-land ;-) But since opening this blog I have had almost 1300 visits.  I so appreciate these visits.  Just checking settings today and somehow I disallowed comments - registered users only - ugh!  I have now fixed this.  If you return to this blog from time to time - sorry for the mishap.  Please know that you can leave comments anywhere and anytime now.

Folks can also connect with me also on Twitter and Goodreads

Getting out of the comfort zone a little bit.  The publisher is scheduling book events now at various locations - will update when these get scheduled.  I gave a reading tonight at a local arts gathering and had a great time doing it actually.  For readers who have read the book, it was pages 62-64.  That seemed appropriate to current affairs - you know what I mean. ;-)

Have a great weekend!