Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Days!

I have been feeling a countdown for awhile.  I decided this is a marker of note to share - without being too annoying to folks,  I hope.

This work has actually been a long time coming.  But so worth it.  I have learned a great deal about writing and the publishing industry.  Without the experience of the process - it would be merely knowledge without understanding.  I have a history of creative writing courses, blogging, and dreaming.  But to take a completed narrative to the point of publication - has been a real education.

My confidence in the new project I am workng on is so much more than I had in decades of writing before.  But then I rarely wrote with the goal of a full novel-length narrative in mind.  Just short stories for a sense of closure and essays on various things to get off my mind.

This got me thinking:  Wisdom is understood as the application of knowledge.  And that is something gained through time and experience.  There really seems to be no way out of these manditory parameters of life.  But if we resign ourselves to this realistic condition I think we have a good chance to move more smoothly through our short time here.  And move with more joy and confidence. Appying grace to our failures and striving towards our hope and better future...along the to day.

What did Kenny say?  You got to know when to hold them, when to fold them, when to walk away, and when to run.  And if we don't know...well, we will next time.  We're wrong sometimes..but we're not stupid!

Five days until Land Run releases! :-)

Thanks to all for checking this novel out.  I greatly hope you enjoy reading it.