Friday, May 13, 2011

Sights and Sounds

One thing I strive towards in writing is to project an experience of place and character as true to life as I can.  To engage readers through their senses and every-day understanding.  That they can truly feel they are in a room, town, car, or wherever.  Whether new or old to a reader - real.  Also, over time, they might think, "Yeah, that is the way it is." Or, "I know that person or condition."  And in some cases, for some to possibly ponder, "what has a bit more texture than I noticed when I last ran my had across it?"

There are many surprizes.  The story will take readers to unexpected (but real) places in terms of community social conditions.  The common, the everyplace 'Willow Springs', comes alive and becomes a compelling place to experience.

I strongly suspect that all our lives do this...when we take the time to experience the depth of our own lives and histories.  Don't you?