Sunday, August 14, 2011


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Land Run

By Mark Graham

Published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

ISBN 978-1-61777-011-1 $14.99

Land Run by Mark Graham is a classic example of the average man becoming a victim of the system that is supposed to protect his rights, but with an unforeseen twist or two.

When aged landowner Elijah Montgomery refuses to sell his land to developer Rusty Watson things get downright dirty. Watson has a sleazy lawyer and connections in all the right places so he sets in motion a series of events designed to take Elijah’s land away from him via eminent domain – the right of the government to take away your property to put it to higher and better use.

Elijah doesn’t care one way or the other about the outcome; he just knows God told him not to sell the land. No, Elijah isn’t crazy; he just has a deep faith and believes God is leading him to hold onto the land. Rusty would like to believe Elijah is a crazy old coot, after all he lives in the nursing home, but everyone who knows Elijah knows he is completely aware of what he’s doing, and of the large amount of money he’s passing up by keeping his land.

Rusty has lost everything that mattered to him and sees in this land deal, and subsequent building project a redemption of sorts for himself. It becomes his obsession and nothing is going to stand in his way, not Elijah and certainly not some banker who refuses to tow the line and fall in with everyone else to vote to take away Elijah’s land.

Mark Graham weaves a powerful story of faith, greed and power in the middle of a small town in Oklahoma. His writing is vivid, his style easy to read. The story draws you in and makes you care about the characters peppering its pages. Land Run is full of a cross-section of society, the good and the bad and it is bound to keep you reading. At times philosophical and poetic Graham’s prose is sure to leave you wondering what is next for this new writer.