Thursday, August 18, 2011


A recent (so far all good :) review of the novel got me thinking.  Something maybe a little unique about Land Run is the wide range of perspective.  The point of view from the characters will cross age, gender, race, religion, politics, and social conditions.  As the reviewer mentioned, it also does this into an incredible depth.

Now looking at that list above it could sound very boring or very explosive.  But the approach to writing this story was also not without perspective.  That is, these character perspectives simply arise from the people.  So they are neither boring or explosive...just real.  Their point of view is not allowed to flow outside the context of who they are (their life experience), where they live or in what influences and informs their lives.

And as with all our real life day-to-day interactions with our world - sometimes that will result in something explosive, uncomfortable, enjoyable, or informative.  But never (never) boring. ;-)