Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventure in Writing

I am on a short respite from book-signing events.  But should have a new schedule soon.  But in this time is offering an ability to some specific reflection on since Land Run was released in May.  I have seen some interesting things occur.  Just want to put out a note to share some of them.

ALL book reviews were great (Thanks!)

ALL Book-signings fun (Thanks!)

Main libraries in Oklahoma City and Tulsa reviewing Land Run for inclusion in their catalouges.

Book Clubs choosing Land Run for discussion (I get to join one via telephone in October!)

Googling Land Run has introduced me to a 'Land Run Brewery' and 'Land Run Winery' business

I am nearly finished with the first draft narrative of the next novel (pretty wild stuff in it ;-)

Folks in India are reading Land Run - and loved it.  Would really like to know if other people outside the States have checked it out yet.

I have learned more than I set out usual :-)

Publisher worked out kinks with Amazon on the KINDLE and has an ETA of 6-7 weeks.  (NOOK still always available though)

Will have an update to new schedule soon.  Have a great day!