Monday, September 5, 2011

Waiting for Tom to come home....

Happy Labor Day!

You ever do something cool you just had to tell folks about?  Yeah - I had one of those.  This weekend we got away for the weekend to a very (very) remote cabin way up on a mountain in Bat Cave, NC.  Near Black Mountain...near Ashville, NC.  So we took one day to walk around Ashville and to see the home and neighborhood where Thomas Wolfe grew up.  I think he was an incredibly descriptive writer.  And he was never uninterested in the human condition, the deeper parts of the mind of people.

It was so interesting to find out little facts from the experts there.  In reference to his novel 'You Can't Go Home Again' - I have to title the photo below - 'Waiting for Tom to come home....still waiting..." ;-)

Have a great day!