Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Theme - Soon

This blog has been up for just 10 days. But already much interest as been generated in the novel Land Run. I want to thank everyone for stopping by. Also, thanks so much for spreading the word to your friends about this book (please continue). I need to be careful not to write anything here that will spoil the story for anyone. Beyond the first two chapters offered here, there is so much more that transpires in the lives of these characters. I can say, with confidence, that there are some very exciting surprises in store for the readers in the following chapters. And in terms of innovation, the story will flow in a way that is not commonly found in literature today.

Please avail yourselves, if you have not already, to the first two chapters available in the above link. I want to encourage you to purchase the novel as well and it is my hope, of course, that you will want to tell your friends about this unique story - but not the whole story, of course. :-)

Right now I am thinking of what final theme to mention in the next Land Run blog update.  There are two in the running and I must decide about which one to write to you. Stay tuned.