Saturday, February 5, 2011

Setting - Oklahoma

For awhile I would like to write some posts that relate to different themes found in the novel Land Run. But to kick that series off, I think I will first search for some images to show folks Oklahoma. Oklahoma is not a theme, so-to-speak. But the description of the land, its people, its extreme weather, and some history is threaded throughout the novel. There really is a kind of mutual development between a land and the people that live in it. They share experiences that ebb through the destructive and constructive nature of life. The stories that grow from each region of the country is unique. And I hope to tell a little bit of the story that reflects a place I will always know as home.

I found some images that reflect some of the physical setting which readers will find in the Land Run novel. There are detail descriptions of extreme weather conditions, beautiful sunsets, red clay lake scenes, and heat that cracks the earth.

In these photos readers will also find some historical background of how the contemporary American Indian characters in the novel came to be in Willow Springs. In these photos below, follow the 'Five Civilized Tribes' from their path from the Southeast to Oklahoma (Indian Territory).

There are places shown here that are in the story as well. You will come across a scene near the canal in what is called 'Brick-town' in downtown Oklahoma City. As well as the capitol building which is unique in that it has oil wells on the grounds. It once was surrounded by them.

And, of course, there is the Land Run of 1889 as a strong theme in this novel in so many ways. This is not an historical novel - but the character of a people can never be disconnected from their past. I will add an old Land Run photo to this slide before moving on to the next 'theme' posting. Note: future posting will likely be related to readers more as essays and discussions of ideas found within themes.